Better Not Tell Mom

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Pigtailed blonde-haired blue-eyed teen slut Lilly Ford is hard-up for sex. She reaches under her tiny shorts and starts jilling off, but she gets so caught up fingering herself to porn on her phone she can’t stop before her mom’s boyfriend Marco Ducati catches on to all her moaning and whimpering. Masturbation must be contagious, Marco starts rubbing his dick through his pants without Lilly noticing, then confronts her about her naughty ways. If Lilly is so set to play with herself, Marco doesn’t mind tossing her around and getting her giggly. Marco sticks Lilly’s dirty panties in her mouth and gets rough with her, spanking her bad little bottom and licking her asshole. Then Marco whips out a dick bigger than Lilly has ever seen on any of her friends and she just has to feel it in her mouth. Petite Lilly chokes on cock for the first time, then positions herself for piledriving sex on the rug. She asks Marco to dump a big cumload in her mouth… but she better not tell her mom!

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Fast Ass

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Lilly Ford was out for an evening of bike riding. But when she took a spill and sprained her knee, she called out for someone to help her. Luckily for Lilly, JMac was working out at the park and rushed over to rescue her. JMac offered to take Lilly back to his place where he could help her rest up. Only, Lilly was hoping that a big dick like JMac would bring her back to his place because this teen slut just really wants to be manhandled and have her tight pussy spread open and fucked hard! Lilly’s a kinky slut who just loves to fuck, which is why she wanted something more fun to ride than a bike, a big cock is more her style!

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Bad Grades Good Girl

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Lilly Ford is having a bad semester at college, and her mom is convinced it’s because this slutty teen is partying way too much. After a big argument, Lilly’s mom takes away her car, which sends Lilly over the edge. Her mom’s boyfriend Keiran tries to be a source of comfort for the troubled teen, but Lilly has something else in mind… revenge! After her mom dozes off, Lilly sneaks into their room to prove a point: you fuck with her car, she’ll fuck with your man!

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